Ethnic Minorities in Higher Education

There were some 200 of us attending the well-organised and managed event at London South Bank University on Friday 21 October 2005. It was the EquiNet Official launch, the network to represent Black and Ethnic Minorities (BMEs) in Higher Education. The panel presented their views and responded to challenging questions on the future of HE for both BME staff and students.

Imran Khan could not attend. However all other Panel Members were very knowledgeable and some made very passionate contributions to the debate especially Dr Robert Beckford, who was actually born in Britain.

Some contributions indicated that the Race Relations Amendment Act has so far had very little impact on improving the opportunities for members of the ethnic minorities. What is more, the Higher Education institutions in general pay lip service to equality of opportunities and have become very adept at winning their cases at Employment Tribunals and the Law Courts. So, a frontal attack on these institutions is unlikely to be productive.

The main speakers were:

Dame Jocelyn Barrow
Robert Beckford
Arvinda Gohil
Baroness Lola Young
Carol Campayne
Garth Crooks

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