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A casework study in university ineptitude and union inertia: This report by Colwyn Williamson describes the circumstances in which a particular academic was threatened with the sack, but activists will also find informative its analysis of the standard dismissal procedure in all the pre-1992 universities and the insights it provides into how the UCU sometimes fails to respond adequately when one of its members is in trouble.

Management board for the distance learning MA in town and country planning has been investigated by Harold Hillman. His report is given in this article.

Ethnic minorities in HE. Mazjoub Ali gives this description of a recent meeting at South Bank University. (31 October 2005)

These are some Topics for Discussion, written by Harold Hillman, which are an agenda for dialogue with various government agencies about current standards in academia. (July 2004)

Corruption of Scientific Integrity A report of the CAFAS meeting in the Royal Academy organised by Gil Evans whose main theme was the increasing commerical utilitarianism of science. (Report by John Hewitt May 2001)

Denial of Academic Freedom at the London Institute. The writer of this piece in The Daily Express on 17.5.2000 is Express columnist and Woman’s Hour presenter Jenni Murray, a friend of former Women’s Hour editor and now Dean of the Media School, LCP, Sally Feldman. (May 2000)

Dr. Paul Burrows offers the full text of an article which appears in abbreviated form in the Guardian newspaper. It is based in part on personal experience and raises broad questions of procedure and the balance between equity and discretion. More from the author, Dr. Paul Burrows, Economics Department, York University.